‚Fires Shock‘ …

‚Fires Shock‘ series of artillery exercises in Europe, Africa
kicks off in Estonia.View on Twitter: https://twitter.com/USArmyEURAF/status/1389146818508886019

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U.S. Army Europe and Africa will conduct a series of field artillery exercises called Fires Shock in Europe and Africa from May  – June 19.

Fires Shock will showcase the modernization of the U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s rapidly deployable long-range precision fires capabilities utilizing Multi-Domain Task Force capabilities in support of NATO and the National Defense Strategy in a dynamic security environment.

„From towed artillery to long-range rocket systems, U.S. Army Europe and Africa has the organic ability to rapidly deliver precision fires to support our joint force and NATO allies anywhere in Europe and Africa,“ said the commanding general of 7th Army Training Command, Brig. Gen. Christopher Norrie. „These exercises demonstrate our ability to command and control long-range fires across continents, using a variety of networked and
multi-domain communications platforms.“

Employing Multi-Domain Operations, U.S. Army Europe and Africa will integrate multi-spectral targeting with current and emerging strike capabilities; enhancing deterrence through readiness, lethality, and interoperability, across all domains. Fires Shock validates the ability to rapidly deploy joint precision fires capabilities in coordination with allies and partners in a multinational environment.

Fires Shock activities are planned from the Baltics to Black Sea and from the Arctic to North Africa to exercise U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s ability to synchronize joint-fires operations during the following exercises:

* Swift Response (May 1-15) in Estonia

* Dynamic Front (May 2-24) in Germany and Poland

* Saber Guardian (May 30-Jun. 14) in Bulgaria

* DEFENDER-Europe 21 Command Post Exercise (June 1-14) in Germany

* African Lion (June 7-18) in Morocco

Participating units include Southern European Task Force, Africa, 7th Army Training Command, 41st Field Artillery Brigade and 173rd Airborne Brigade.

The 41st FAB is the organic U.S. long-range, precision-strike Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems unit in Europe. Additionally, 41st FAB is a High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems capable unit, enabling the rapid deployment of long-range precision fires in coordination with U.S. Air Forces Europe & Africa.

The 173rd BDE will conduct airborne exercises consisting of strategic jumps called Joint Forcible Entry to seize operational initiative in a crisis, which is one of the most challenging and complex missions assigned to the U.S. Army.

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