US Army Europe, Africa now consolidated

On Nov. 20, the U.S. Army announced the consolidation of U.S. Army Europe
and U.S. Army Africa into a single, four-star-led, Army Service Component

The new organization, known as U.S. Army Europe and Africa, will improve the
Army’s ability to meet African and European strategic and operational
objectives. Consolidating the ASCCs enables increased agility and the
ability to shift forces and assets from one theater to another in order to
support both U.S. Africa and European Commands.

Recently promoted Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli will command the consolidated

„This is not just a consolidation of a headquarters, it’s a consolidation of
capabilities across theaters,“ said Cavoli. „The European and African
theaters are inextricably linked. Their close geography and economic ties
mean that regional security issues span both continents. In today’s modern
security environment we need to think across the entire hemisphere and not
artificially divide problem sets – this consolidation allows that.“

U.S. Army Africa is now the U.S. Army Southern European Task Force – Africa,
and their commander, Maj. Gen. Andrew M. Rohling, is dual hatted as the U.S.
Army Europe and Africa Deputy Commanding General for Africa.

„The consolidation is good for this command and for our African partners,“
said Rohling. „While the structure has changed, our focus has not: we remain
committed to working with our African partners on shared security

SETAF-AF will be responsible for all Army operations and assets in Africa
and Italy, to eventually include the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Maintaining
direct coordination with U.S. Africa Command, SETAF-AF will focus on its
mission as the nucleus of a joint task force for operations on the African

The structure of U.S. Army Europe and Africa has changed quite a bit in the
last year. In February, the Department of the Army announced the
re-activation of V Corps with a forward headquarters element in Europe.

Once fully mission capable, V Corps will focus on Europe and assume many of
the operational and tactical-level functions from U.S. Army Europe and
Africa – eventually including command and control of Atlantic Resolve
rotational units as well as assigned units such as the 2nd Cavalry Regiment,
12th Combat Aviation Brigade and the 41st Field Artillery Brigade.

The consolidation is anticipated to be completed by the end of fiscal year

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